If you love hair wigs, you need to choose one that suits your personality. There are different types of colors, types, and schemes of wigs that make the process of choosing one a bit complex. When selecting colored human hair wigs, you have to take into account different aspects, such as skin tone, eye color, texture, and preferences.

There are many reasons you should wear a wig. For instance, it helps protect your natural hair from chemicals. Before you select your wig, you should take into consideration the type. Ideally, there are human hair and synthetic wigs. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before choosing one. Remember that each type has its unique feel and look. Therefore, before deciding the wig color, you should first determine the best type of wig that matches your personality. These are tips to help you choose the best type of wig color.

Skin Shades

There is a need to choose a wig that matches or complements your skin tone. You should note that the skin tone begins fading with the passage of time. For instance, if you want a youthful look, you should go for a lighter tone. The truth is that the combination of hair color and skin tone can help improve your appearance. If you have a cool skin tone, you should consider going for brown tones, beachy golden blonde, and orangey reds. However, if you have a warm skin tone, you should choose a silvery blonde, blonde, and platinum colors.

Eye Color

There is a need to choose a wig that matches your eye color. Go for a toned wig, such as auburn, red, or chestnut if you have eye colors of light blue, turquoise, or golden brown. On the other hand, if you have icy blue, dark blue, black-brown, and dark hazel, then you should choose natural colors, such as blonde, black, and brown tones.

Natural Hair Tone

It is advisable to match your natural hair with the wig color. This means it should not be darker or lighter than the color of your natural hair. You can also purchase colored wigs to help you improve your appearance.

Aging Effects

As you get older, the light hair shades start to appear more beautiful as compared to dark ones. Although many people avoid grey or lighter wig color, it offers a flattering look. Lighter or warm shades provide an improved natural appearance.

Environmental Conditions

You probably do not know that wig color and dyed hair fade easily when exposed to the sun. Thus, if you reside in a hot or sunny region, then you should choose a light shade that does not fade easily. Rather, you can opt for a bright or dark black color.

Adding Highlights

Whether you want natural or synthetic wigs, they can both be blended with multiple highlights. For instance, you can find wigs available in different colors. The good thing about adding highlights is that they can improve your overall appearance. Make sure the highlights contrast the wig color. You can seek the help of an expert in this matter.


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