A pressure washing business is easy to start and requires little investment or special equipment.

You can start a pressure washing business with a few thousand dollars, a truck or trailer, and hard work. You don’t need employees, an office, or much in the way of equipment. But you do need electric or gas models machines, and to follow certain rules and procedures to make the venture successful.

  • Study the Market

Research the market for competition. The market for pressure washing is very competitive, so you will have to find an angle that differentiates your company from the others already in place. Talk to local businesses about their needs and see if there are any niches you can fill with your services. If you see a gap in the market or have an idea that could be profitable in addition to pressure washing, consider adding those services as well.

  • Get Licensed

While there are few restrictions on starting a pressure washing business, licensing requirements vary by state and county. In most cases, your license will be issued by the county clerk’s office where your business is located. In some areas, your city’s office may also issue licenses or you may need to get both city and county licenses to legally operate in an area.

  • Skillful Machine Operation

You will need to learn how to properly use the machinery that you have bought. You have to learn how to operate it properly as well as how to care for it. This is important because your machine is only good when it’s working well.

Before you go into business, it’s best if you try out the equipment first by doing some DIY projects at home. This way, you’ll know how much time and effort it takes before you start charging people for your services.

What are the Needed Licensing for Pressure Washing Business

No business, including a pressure washing business, can operate without the proper licenses and permits. Many states require general business licenses as well as state-specific documentation. There are also federal licensing regulations that apply to certain businesses, and additional local requirements you may need to consider.

State Licensing Requirements

In addition to a general business license, you may need to secure a professional license or certification if your pressure washing services involve certain materials or surfaces. For example, some states require special licensing for those who clean roofs or other areas that contain flammable materials. Check with your state’s department of commerce for details on any additional licensing requirements.

Federal Licensing Requirements

If your pressure washing business is a corporation or partnership with employees, you must obtain an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service. You’ll also need this number if you plan to open a bank account in the name of your company. Additionally, if you hire any independent contractors, they must have their own EINs.

You may also have to obtain federal licenses depending on the type of work you do and the products you use in your business.

Contact your city or county government’s business licensing office to see if they have any requirements for doing business in their area. They may require you to register your business name and obtain a local license, which is often called a “business tax receipt,” “occupational license” or something similar, even if you plan on working out of your home or vehicle.

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