The oil control paper is one of the most popular sheets used by people who apply makeup and oily faces. It ensures that one looks incredible, no matter how busy or sweaty. The makeup blotting paper is handy when applying /removing makeup and oil. The popularity of the oil control paper has brought on some questions. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the oil control paper.

Commonly asked questions about the oil control paper

1. Are oil control papers scented or unscented?

The oil control papers can either be scented or unscented. The scented paper consists of fragrances or essential oils. The essential oil present on the oil control paper can bring about a calming impact, and it is best used by people who like fragrance. In contrast, the unscented papers do not have any scent on them. The unscented papers are preferred by most because they do not have any irritation effect. Furthermore, the unscented oil control sheets are best used by people with sensitive skin. Therefore, the type of paper to buy should depend on your needs.

2. What is the best oil control paper to use?

The best type of oil control paper to use is one that goes hand in hand with your skin type. There are some people with very sensitive skins. Therefore, it is essential for those with sensitive skin to buy a paper whose ingredients are not irritant to one’s skin. Furthermore, the material should be very soft.

3. Is oil control paper good for you?

Oil control papers are excellent for one’s skin, and they help remove the extra shine from your face. The key point to note is that they do not solve any skin condition that you may have. For example, if you have acne on your face, the oil control papers cannot eradicate them. Instead, they prevent you from getting acne. The best way to deal with acne is to consult a skin specialist about them.

4. How often should one use the oil control paper?

The oil control paper does not limit the time you need to use it. For instance, if your face starts to shine, you can immediately use the oil control paper. Furthermore, you can use it during the day or night as you wish.

5. Do oil control papers clog skin pores?

Oil control papers help in removing excess oil from one’s skin. But the critical point to note is that they do not clog one’s pores. The only time that it may bring about pores clogging is if the oil control paper is dirty. A dirty paper can add bacteria and germs to your face, thus, leading to facial acne. Therefore, it is essential only to use a new control paper every time you blot.

6. Are oil control paper and tissue the same?

Oil control paper is manufactured with skincare and oil absorption in mind. At the same time, tissue is not made with oil absorption in mind. Therefore, it is easy for you to have your face shine after a few moments of using a tissue. But an oil control paper has long-lasting impacts.


The popularity of the oil control paper has ensured that it is a necessary commodity for everyone to own. The above frequently asked questions can help you learn more about the papers. Furthermore, it can help guide you in determining the best type of oil control paper.


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