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Words to live without

The other day I read a statement that said: “If you could remove one thing from this world what would it be?”

The first thing that came to my mind was: I would remove the statements that had the following words:  “The best way to do…..”, “a better way to do……”.

What is best and better?


Two words that make you feel less than what you truly are to be.  

Two words that take what you have given and give it little or no value.

Two words that brings distance between you and others. 

So, if by changing you could do it better or do it best, then you must be doing it wrong!DSC_0323

But what if there where no better way or no best way?  What if there where only the true way?  The way to do something or say something or be someone was based not on what others feel is best or better, but is based on your true heart. 

What if the way is you!  


Be the you that feels true to self.

Be the you that gives from the heart.

Be the you that connects to self and others. 

At Live Life Well, LLC we are that Partnership to BE Well!



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