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Winter prep time

Winter is the time when all seems to be resting, hibernating. But, winter is really the time when things are being changed underneath that which is seen. In the caves, in the ground, and in the womb things are changing into new.

Let us use this winter to change ourselves into the person we wish to be from the inside out.
Change our hearts and minds to compassion and love. Change our bodies to be strong and well. Change our spirits to acceptance and forgiving.

To allow this change to develop over the winter, we need to prep ourselves now, by letting go of the hurts, the regrets and the temptations in our lives. We need to release the pain, talk to others about our struggles and share our challenges. We need to love ourselves.

Today, I will honor my heart, by reflecting and releasing my need to control and hold onto the past, in preparing for winter’s change.

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