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Winter Chill: bring on the Shining Sun of the Heart

Today is a blustery cold winter day!  Thank you sun for shining brightly!  Oh, the clouds are attacking the sunbeam as it shines onto the window seat, but the warmth is always back again, as the sun breaks (6)

Is not the warmth of the heart, just like that sun beam, breaking through the clouds of doubt, loneliness and sorrow?  When the winter wind chills to the bone, one is pulled into the shadows that block self truth.  The clouds begin to diminish the belief in self worth, self strength and self love.  

Now, it is time to bring in the sunbeam!

Just as the sun breaks through those clouds, the beat of the heart brings a reminder of the light that is shining is each one.  That light of love, peace and joy for self.

Love to self is doing the best one can do to honor the whole being one is meant to be. Feed it well, exercise it, give it rest and tell it the truth.

Peace to self is honoring truth and releasing that which is harmful to body, emotion and essence.  Let go of the past, do not long for the future, embrace the moment.

Joy to self is celebrating all that is within with all that is in connection.  Share with friends and family in joy and in sorrow.

The winter chill may be in the forecast for the next few days, but the Shining Sun of my Heart is controlling my personal weather!

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