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Why not use it?

photo (11)Holding on to the past, you should let it go! I have heard this phrase and used this statement many times.

I have held onto my own past in many situations. It makes me feel good to remember the joys in raising my children. It gives me comfort to remember when my friends helped me through difficult times. The past also, gives me sadness when I remember losing loved ones to death. The past gives me anger when I remember experiences of neglect.

If I continue to hold onto it, I also hold onto all the emotions of it, good and bad. If I let it go, I release myself of the emotions as well.

But what if I use it? Use it to explore my past, look at it from many different angles, hear what it has to say to me, feel what it is telling me.

I see the joy and comfort of my friends and family in past memories. This tells me that I am not alone, in my path to wellness. Others are there supporting me through each step, as I need them. I feel the sadness and anger in loosing my own self as well as others to life experiences. I have and will continue to have challenges in my life. I hold onto the comfort of knowing, each step has brought me to where I am today, in my life of wellness.

Taking the time to hold the past in my hands, gives me an opportunity to review how these situations and emotions,letting me use it to nourish my growth in living life well.

At Live Life Well, we use the exploration of each individuals path, to encourage that person to be empowered to grow in wellness.

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