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What does that mean?

Do you ever get that look, you know the one, of confusion? What does that mean?  Are you forever looking for the correct descriptive words to explain your previous statement?

I often get that look, and am looking for those words when I tell someone I am a wellness coach!

A what?  What do you do?  Who do you serve?  Do you work for a group, a hospital, an insurance agency?  Not really!  Usually, I just get the look!

But, I have found it, the article I need to explain what Wellness Coaching is all about!  It is an article written in the November 2014 issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine by Kim Tingley, titled “What exactly, is Wellness?.  I encourage you to read the article.  In the article, Kim looks at the progression from disease focus to well-being focus through the history of the medical field as a whole in the eyes of the World Health Organization.  photo (34) - Copy

So what is wellness? Wellness is a balance.  It is a mindset of happiness.  It is laughing, playing, crying, dreaming without judgement.  Wellness is being satisfied with the true you, the good parts and the bad.  Wellness is striving to be all you are meant to be.

Wellness is BECOMING the person you are proud to say “I am me”.

Wellness is not free from disease, but it is living in harmony with all forms of acute and chronic illnesses.  Being an active part of your health care.  It is eating for what your body needs.  Moving and keeping your body active to its potential.  Resting your body, mind and spirit and communicating your true needs, wants and desires to self and others. 

Wellness is holistic: body, mind and spirit.  Wellness is individual and fluid.  Wellness is open and free for all to have in every state of their lives.

Yeah, but that tells me about wellness, but what is wellness coaching?

Wellness coaching is using the coach process to move each client I serve to see their wellness goals, and empower them to move in the direction of those goals.  

In coaching, I work on discovering what your wellness goals are, you begin to see the path.

In coaching, I encourage you to move toward your wellness goals as you believe in the true worth of self.

In coaching I empower you to be the person you are, as you become to live the life you are meant to live.

In coaching, questions are asked, information is shared, tools are offered, and celebration is shared as you become the “I am me and I am well”.

I encourage you to begin today, and ask yourself: “am I happy?” and if you want to move more toward your true self and happiness, give me a call for a free consult to see if we are a “fit” to take this journey to wellness together. 



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