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Our adventurous Bestar is on a quest to find the Keuth, that was stolen from him. Only the Pendart can lead him in the direction to find it and bring it home. Though this journey is long, Bestar is not alone, he has with him, Anhere, his friend! As they come into the village to rest, a test must be taken.  A test of truth, are our adventurers ready to face this test?, will they be willing to give more, trust more, open more?…. the test will give them power to see them through on their journey… the test is to be vulnerable!  061

Our adventurers are learning the truth about themselves in ways that bring vulnerability and with that vulnerability is power!  Power? Yes, power!

Power in honesty with self and others

Power in expressing feelings

Power in sharing thoughts

Power in believing in the TRUTH WITHIN!

To be vulnerable is to be honest with how you feel and what you think. 

What adventure are you on?  What test are you facing? Are you reading to be vulnerable?

Live Life Well, LLC: Celebrating Powerful individuals, living purposeful lives! Offering guidance through self care in a mindful practice!

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