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The Plan, The Goal, The Secret Weapon

Our friend, Bestar, is on the journey to find what has been stolen from him, the Keuth.  Only the Pendart knows where it is and how to get it back.  But this journey is into the unknown, into a world of new, a world that has not the comforts of the familiar.  Bestar knows that to reach his destination, he must continue on this journey with, A PLAN, A GOAL AND A SECRET WEAPON!  For you see, the Bestar is not brave or heroic, he is a worker.  He spends his days giving to others and his evenings getting ready for the next day.  He fears the unknown, he fears the change that is before him on this quest.  But he knows that in order to give to others he must have the Keuth.  Moving forward, each step will require his focus, his acceptance, his acknowledgement of the plan, the goal and his secret weapon.  For you see, the Bestar is not alone, he has with him Anhere; his friend, his guide, his partner!0208130709-00

Live Life Well is based on this process to explore with our clients THEIR PLAN, to encourage our clients in reaching THEIR GOAL and to empower our clients to Living Life Well!



A Plan:  Take time to discover the where, the what, the how to change.  It may be releasing something from your day, such as a food item that is pushing against your boundaries.  The plan is the details to reach the goal: making a menu, shopping from a list, having food snacks available that are healthy.

A Goal: The goal is the destination to reach, in a very specific statement.  It must be a specific,measurable, attainable, rewarding, and timely goal.  “To celebrate with a day at the spa, I will add three servings of vegetables to my weekly food intake, as noted on my daily food log in the next 30 days.”

A Secret Weapon: The secret weapon is to invite someone on the journey with you.  Someone that you can communicate truthfully, confidentially and freely.

May your plan, goal and secret weapon lead you to living life well! 

Bestar and Anhere have been going on this journey for days.  They are getting tired, hungry and need a place to rest.  As they come into a village, their hearts are lifted, here is what they need.  Or is it?  For in the mist of this journey as they step into the village inn, they come face to face with……..

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