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Take 5

I had a plan for the week.  My calendar was set, networking here, party there, shopping on this day!  I had a plan!   My plan did not go according as planned.  061

Last Friday, my dog, Duke, had surgery.  Nothing major, just a fatty mass removal.  JUST! I say, he says, MAJOR SURGERY! So, over the weekend, he is calm, okay drugged, on pain medication, not a big deal.  I watched him sleep, walk, sleep, sigh, sleep!  By Monday, his life seems to be set in a cycle of sleeping, potty breaks and sleeping some more.  Back to the vet we go!  Change the medications, to increase his appetite, get him moving= walking him every few hours around the yard, and cold compresses.

Change in plans for my week began.  I spent the day on Tuesday and now Wednesday, taking care of Duke.  And loving it!  Oh, I missed the networking, the parties and the shopping.  But when things change, I breathe and take 5!

Mind you, my life was not always this way.  When I look in the past, only a few years ago, I would have been very stressed and angry.  Why me? Why do I need to take care of the dog?

But that all changed, when I changed.  I decided to live my life with purpose.  Each day is a great day to be what it will be.

So, how do you breathe and take 5!

1. Let go of the “need to do now” mentality

2. Find time each day to sit quietly and take 5 minutes or more, to focus on your breath.

3. Sit in a comfortable seat, hands relaxed and take notice of how you feel, how the surface supporting you feels.

4. Breathe, in and out. Where do you feel the breath moving within your body.

5. Smile and go on about your day.

As you begin to just give your breath notice in a quiet space and time of your day, you will begin to notice it more throughout your day, when you are stressed or tired, or other emotional experiences.  Noticing our breathe when we are calm and quiet will give our bodies cues on where and how we would like to be.

So, this week, you will find me, “Taking 5”, here at home with Duke and Loving it!

Live well my friends and if you want to find out more about taking A Quiet Moment, contact me!


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