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Stop pushing the Season of LIFE: LIVE in the “I AM” of Now

I am so excited that spring is here!  I enjoy the fresh vibrant colors, the warmth from the sun, the sounds of the birds!  I must say I have been pushing for the Season of spring to arrive; longing for the days to get longer, the air to turn warmer, and the colors of the natural world to change.  But in that push, I miss time to be still and enjoy this time of “I am”.  Pushing the Season of LIFE is like that, wanting something to change, not knowing the how or why, but pushing forward, trying anything to be NEW! This push denies each of us the time to fully LIVE in the “I AM” of NOW.   photo (27)

Learning to live in the “I am” of now, is to discover self, to visualize self in the season to come and to be active in the now,  changing the focus on tomorrow by making the push for the change to be now, in each day. Each step is a process, each step is an awakening of power, and each step is an appreciation of the joys of living.  How does one begin in this learning of Living in the “I AM” of NOW?

1. Discover self: Begin by investigating who you are now.  Where do you spend your time, your money, your dreams?  What do you love to do, to eat, to visit?  Who do you love to be around?  When do you spend time alone? This discovery sets the stage of who you are now. Once you see this picture and feel it, acknowledge it as it is, no judgement.  IT JUST IS!

2. Visualize self in the season to come: After discovering where you are now, it is time to discover who you dream to be!  This dream is what I call the “truth of self”.  It is doing what you love to do, following your passion.  It is feeling good about your physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual self.  The process for this discovery is to truly communicate with self and others your desire to change in nourishing self with food, time, activities.  At Live Life Well, our goal is to allow an opening for this “true self” in a calm place to see all you are now and where you will be!

3. Active in the now: The focus of the now is to make the visualization a reality.  It is to design goals, an plan to reach those goals and implementing them.  Your goals are based on your “true self”.  LIVING LIFE WELL  is to be that passionate you, that joyful you, that you ready to grow, change, shine LIVING as the “I AM” NOW!

I invite you to take time today and be still, live now, live in the I am, and as you move forward toward you passion and joy, call me, I would be honored to guide you in your journey to LIVE LIFE WELL!

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