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Spring Treats! It is what’s for dinner!

I am loving today!  The wind has changed direction again and blown away the heaviness of humidity.  The air is now cooler and the sky is a brilliant blue.  Outside my open window, I can hear the birds talking, and the babies calling for food.

Inside my true-self, spring is blooming as well.  I am opening my heart to the brilliance of knowing who I am.  I am listening to my “gut” tell me the truth of letting go and releasing the old self.  I am honoring my voice, by sharing my self love. I am giving myself a Spring Treat, by enjoying all that is being given to me!fall 2011 010

What is this Spring Treat!  It is the sound of awakening from the sleep of winter.  It is the sight of new life in the meadows and nests.  It is the feel of the cool air and the warm sun.  It is the taste of the tender stalks of asparagus and the cool herbs of spring.

As I begin to look at “what’s for dinner” this week, I shift from the heaviness of winter meals to the cool, fresh, new that the Earth is providing.

Yesterday, I went to my CSA (community supported agriculture) and came home with fresh greens, asparagus, eggs, mustard greens, mushrooms, green onions and strawberries.   Now, what to do with it!

First is a great salad, with the fresh greens, asparagus, green onions and strawberries. Add some vinegar and enjoy!

Next, a spring hash with mushrooms, asparagus and potatoes!  Adding a pouched egg on top, yum!

Finally, a smoothing from the strawberries, with banana, cinnamon and basil.

I know what about the mustard greens?  I am still working on that one, I may do a saute.  Anyone have a good recipe, send it my way!

Give yourself a Spring Treat.  Go to the local farmers market and see what is new.  Smell the plants, look at the colors, taste the freshness and find joy in the newness that is given to us all!


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