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Seeing the forest for the trees

One day a client said this to me: “You have helped me see the forest for the trees”.
Today it has hit home for me: To move the details out of the way to see the big picture.
Most of my life has been focused on the little details and that is why it is easy for me to see them and help others move them aside to see the bigger purpose, the bigger need, the bigger life.

Let us start looking at the trees so that we can see the forest:
Give me your focus of the tasks that never get completed and see the desire for accomplishment in work and self.
Give me your focus on diet, exercise and perfect body type and see the desire for quality life with others.
Give me your focus on fears, pain and past experiences and see the desire for relationships and community.


The trees are important but when we focus on them alone we miss the beauty of the forest as a whole.

The time has come to live life well!

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