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Pulling away from the STOP signs in your life

The other day, I was driving to a meeting.  I had left myself plenty of time to get to the location, but as usual, I hit all the lights “red” and all the intersection stop signs “busy”.

I had to wait my turn.  I had to sit and be patient.  I grew anxious of being late!  Was I late, no, was I still anxious yes!

As I reflect on that journey, I realize that as I was sitting their I was anxious and that, that anxiety continued to be with me even though I had moved on toward my destination.  It even stayed with me when I reached my destination, on time.  

I had moved forward, but I had not pulled away from the STOP signs in my life.  DSC_0312


When I let these STOP signs rule my holistic self, my mind body and spirit, I become controlled by them.  My actions are ruled by the “what if”, the “one more”, the “not again” statements of STOP.

So, how do I pull away from the STOP signs in life?  I place myself into holistic wellness!

When, my body, mind and spirit are in union, when I feel whole and worthy of being well, I am no longer controlled by STOP.  I believe that my desire to be happy and healthy are worthy of my time, energy and focus.  I become the passion of my true heart and live in harmony with self and others.


How does one move from STOP to Holistic Wellness?

Placing ones focus on the 4 bases of balance,  one reestablishes that balance and move forward into living ones passion.

4 Bases of living well at Live Life Well, LLC

1. Balance with food:  Learning the necessity of eating a variety of food, in a sustaining way to provide the body with what it needs to function properly.  The body needs the macro and micro nutrients to provide proper function and balance of the physical self.   Find this balance by eating a variety of meat, dairy, grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

2. Balance with activity: Learning the necessity of moving, stretching, strengthening that the body needs to maintain wellness.  The body needs to stay active all day to maintain function and balance of the muscular, skeletal, circulatory and lymphatic systems.  Find this balance by moving every hour.

3. Balance with restoring: Learning the necessity of resting, relaxing and playing to restore the balance of self. The body needs time to restore and recharge the nervous and endocrine systems.  Find this balance in taking time to sleep, meditate, play non competitive games.

4. Balance with communicating: Learning the necessity of being truthful to self and others in words and actions to honor self worth.  The body needs to communicate the beliefs, values and desires in the boundaries of trust.  Find this balance by trusting self in honoring self by giving and receiving.

So, as I got to my meeting and needed to pull away from the STOP signs in my body, I took a moment to refocus my holistic self.  I took a few breathes and sat quietly.  I brought my body, mind and spirit back to the balance of 4 and pulled away from the stress, tired, overwhelmed and panic feelings that wanted to control my life. I reminded myself that I am in balance.  

That balance carried me into the meeting, allowing me to give and receive in my passion of wellness for self and others. 



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