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planting bulbs!

Yesterday, I planted flower bulbs. Over 100 daffodils! Crazy, yes! Tired, yes! Sore, oh yeah! Waiting for spring, definitely!

When you plant any bulbs, or trees, or other vegetation, you most always make sure to plant it root side down. Seems logical. The roots need to get a firm foundation to absorb nutrients from the ground and allow the plant to grow.

When the bulb is planted roots down, in the spring it will have a straight path to the sun.

How are you planted? Are your roots down? Are you connected solidly to the Earth, or are you struggling upside down?

Each of us needs to be planted root side down, connecting to a firm foundation in which to grow.

When you find yourself disconnected, not sure which way to turn, going in circles or just floating along; step back from the day and put your feet on the ground. Remind yourself in a journal or meditation, your true foundation of love for self , for others and for the greatness of the universe.

Just as you are today: know that you are planted roots down, not alone but connected with a firm foundation to all in this world and from here you will grow in living well.

Today I will honor my heart, by loving my true self in this universal connection to all!

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