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Passion in life: SELF TRUTH

Waking this morning, I felt the world on my shoulders, pressing down.  Taking  a moment, I stopped, to affirm my passion for wellness and incorporating that passion into my life.  I took in a deep breath and started my day anew.

Passions are to be discovered, embraced and empowered to grow and become the unique part called self truth.  If passions are denied, one feels empty, tired, overwhelmed, and alone.  IMG_0262

This passion, this self truth can be seen everyday in my dog, Fred.  Fred has a passion for playing ball.  To Fred there is nothing greater in life(well maybe eating)like playing ball.  Now, to play ball with Fred, I must first aim for his mouth.  He likes to catch the ball!  He is very good, sometimes, at catching the ball.  Fred’s other passion with playing ball, is teaching me to fetch.  See Fred will chase the ball if thrown away from him and will catch the ball if thrown to him, but he does not fetch and return.  My role in Fred’s passion is to come to him, pick up the ball and throw it again.  Fred does not want me to waste time on trying to get him to return the ball to me, that is not his job, that is not his passion.  His passion is to feel the ball in his mouth!  When I stop running after the ball, Fred will sit beside it and look at me with the sad eyes only a dog can have.  He will then take his place beside the ball and sleep for awhile.  He can wait all day, he has the patience to give me time to acknowledge my responsibilities in this game and respect both my role and his in playing ball.  

So, how do I emulate Fred in my passion?

1. Know my passion and work my passion:  My passion is wellness.  I love working with individuals as they reclaim their lives by making lifestyle changes for their health.

2. Understand my responsibilities in this passion.  My responsibility  is to educate, encourage and empower individuals to make lifestyle changes to live healthier lives.  I may do this through conversation, worksheets, exercises in self discovery.

3. Respect both my role and the role of others in this passion.   My role is to be the guide, the educator, the mentor, the cheerleader.  My clients role is to begin the journey to wellness, to believe they are worthy of these changes and to become the changes they set in their goals.

When I feel overwhelmed with the world and the work, I must be Fred.  I must become present by the ball, resting in my job and not taking over the role that belongs to my client in wellness.  I must respect their journey to be well and know that my passion is wellness, their role is becoming the journey to be well.

Are you lost in your world?  Do you feel overwhelmed in life, in your passion or have you lost that drive for life?  Take time to sit still and discover or rediscover your passion and make it your life.  Know it! Understand the responsibilities of self! Respect the roles!

PASSION: Your SELF TRUTH.  Let it begin!



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