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Pajama Day!

I am so looking forward to a pajama day over the holiday break!
You know the day that you get out of bed, brush your teeth and then spend the rest of the day in your Pajamas cozy in the house.

I love to read, knit, work jigsaw puzzles, watch tv on my pajama days. It gives me time to just play, to unwind, to let go of stress and tension.

But why wait for a pajama day, why not just play, unwind and let go everyday?

Take time everyday to play: when what you are doing is not a competition against self or others, it is just joy!

Take time everyday to unwind: when what you are doing is not a demand of time or talents, it is done in happiness!

Take time everyday to let go: when what you are feeling is shared or expressed, it is released in peace!

It is time we all made a Pajama Day part of our daily life, living well!

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