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Only for a stranger?!

Over the weekend, I witnessed two amazing people, do a thoughtful action. On a flight back home, I had the pleasure to see two separate men, give up their aisle seats to assist traveling couples to sit together. Now, this flight is first come first serve on seating, and only middle seats are available by the time the end of the line boards the plane.

So, I started to think, are our actions different when it involves strangers or friends? Do we treat each individual with respect, by honoring self and others? When and why do we say, yes and other times say, not I?

Connection to all that is around us, continues to pull on our compassion and joy of living. When we let go of all that is blocking our connections, we acknowledge that pull and honor ourselves and others. Maybe it is just for a moment to offer a seat to a stranger, or maybe it is in every action, of every day.

Today, I will release the blocks in my path, may they be time, people or things, and live life connected to all that is around me, acknowledging the joy and compassion of self and others. photo (6) - Copy

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