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October Challenge: I am

How are you today? Have you been making a change in your life? Did you hit some road blocks and take time to get around them?

In life we are always moving, doing, being and when we learn to live well, we empower ourselves to be well.


Living well begins when we give ourselves permission to love ourselves. When we take a look at our lives in the 5 areas of self love and without judgement acknowledge our true selves in true love of self. Remember the 5 areas from week 1:

what you put into your body to nourish it (food/water)
what you do with your body to maintain it (movement/work)
what you give to your body to restore it (rest/play)
what you do to connect to self and others (spiritual beliefs)
what you do for others (relationships/service)

We believe in living well as we make it a part of our daily life, when we take time each day to meditate, journal, be in the presence of ourselves. When we acknowledge who we are, love ourselves as we are and give ourselves permission to change in self love. As we acknowledge the barriers in our lives that prevent us from moving forward. These may be barriers from self or others. When we release these barriers in our lives, we live well.

Living well becomes our lives as we are empowered by believing in purpose of self, community of others and compassion from the universal one!

Today, I am: begin, believe, become!

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