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October Challenge: First Day! Looking at Living Life Well

after the storm 010What is your first day? You know, the day you tell yourself; I will start the new diet, MONDAY. I will start exercising THE FIRST OF OCTOBER. I will take more time for me, BEGINNING IN 2014.

What if we made that first day, everyday? What if we gave up planning our lives and start being our lives? What if we become well?

I give to you a gift: The October Challenge. Every Tuesday in October I will blog on a challenge to live life well. I give this gift to you with love. You may receive it or not.

Let’s begin: Time to Live Life Well

So much time goes into planning to live. Some of it is necessary. I need to plan to take off work to make an appointment. Other time is wasted. I need to plan out my daily calendar, so I will be in control of it all.

Are we planning our lives, to live life, or so that we stay too busy to feel? I have spent 22 years of my life being a mom, 24 years of my life being a wife, and 48 years of my life being a female. I have spent 5 years of my life, living it well.

Five years! What have I been doing for the other 43 years? Planning, going day by day following a schedule, so that I appeared put together. My past presented a situation in which I learned to control my life through routine. I learned also to protect myself through control. Control of situations, control of emotions, control of time, led me to appear put together in the eyes of others.

But something was missing. I could always feel it right on the tip of my world. Just out of reach to me, just out of sight, just out of hearing distance. I thought: I am happy, I have a great life, husband, job, friends, children.

What am I missing? Living well each day!

So, I stepped back. I have been given a gift of time. It is my choice how I use this time. I can keep it busy with activities until I can not think or I can keep it busy with living life well.

I keep saying that: Live life well, but what does it mean?

Living life well is about being an active participant in your life to live it community with all.

I see it composing of five areas of loving self:

what you put into your body to nourish it (food/water)
what you do with your body to maintain it (movement/work)
what you give to your body to restore it (rest/play)
what you do to connect to self and others (spiritual beliefs)
what you do for others (relationships/service)

My challenge to you: First Day: Let’s Look! Everyday!

step 1: Find a quiet place and time.
setp 2: Take a minute to breathe, feel the air flowing into and out of your body. It is not forced, it does not judge, it just is there supporting you.
step 3: In the same way as the air is supporting you, now support yourself with out judgement and: look at your daily planner, your monthly calendar and mark how much time you are giving to the above areas of loving self.
step 4: Acknowledge the time you spend on living well and the time spend being busy.
step 5: Breathe and love yourself, just as you are now.

Today, I will step back and open my heart to discovering living my life well.

Next week: Planning to Live Life Well

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