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November Release: X-Ray Vision

Today, I am beginning a new series on living well. Every Tuesday(I know, today is Wednesday) I will be looking at the “True Self”. What is behind the “you” everyone sees, and what if we shared the “true self” with all.
Let us imagine a world in which we each have X-ray vision. Not to see behind the clothes, or through to the test answers, or into the bank vault; but the vision to see each person underneath all the personal shields we each create.

Would you be ready to have others see your “true self”? Why are we hiding? Who are we protecting? What are we afraid to show?

It is time to look at ourselves with x-ray vision! It is time to see our “true selves”. We have been preparing for this our entire lives, TO BE!

Begin: Find a safe place. This may be a quiet room in your home, a place in your yard, or somewhere away from your home. It will be a place, to be still as you think, walk, and voice your “true self”.
Take a journal, a partner, an open mind with you to this safe place. this will be your voice to share your “True Self”.

Taking this step to begin must be done. When you make the time and the place for you, you are acknowledging to yourself that you matter. You are important! How many times do we put ourselves last and feel exhausted when we finally have time for ourselves.

Believe: Communicate in your choice of voice, all that makes you who you are today.
Your physical appearance
Your family structure
Your educational history
Your successes in life
Your failures in life
Your joys and your sorrows
Your happiness and your anger
Your community and your beliefs
Communicating in your own way, your own voices offers you an opportunity to believe in yourself. You are not one part of the whole, you are the whole. You are physically, mentally and spiritually a whole being. You have pain, joys, failures, successes that make you who you are today. But, it is the whole that must be believed. It is the whole that is the “true self”.

Become: Share with your family, friends, community and universal connections the “true self”.
Love yourself in knowing your are worthy of peace, joy and love.
Share your true self in assisting others in work, play and needs.
Honor your true self in respect and responsibility for all in your universal community, including all humankind, plant and animal life.
Only you can become the “true self”. It takes courage to step out from behind the shields you have placed. It takes courage to say “no” to the status quo and make a new path.

It begins with x-ray vision to see the true self, to believe in that whole being and to become the person you are meant TO BE.

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