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Moving from overwhelmed to peace

I am beginning a new category of blogs this morning: Whole Heart Wellness!

An important part of my business at Live Life Well, is working one on one with individuals through a 4 month coaching experience called Whole Heart Wellness.  This blog category will focus on one aspect of the coach,”expressing self”.

I am honored for your presence in my daily words and to share them with you!

This morning I awoke with a feeling of scattered.  My brain did not want to focus on one area.  It had already jumped to the list of “to do”.  The problem is, I have not even written a “to do” list!  So, the scattered feeling fell into being hurried and overwhelmed.

How do I become “peace” in this mindset of being overwhelmed?  Where do I begin to find the calm, that will carry me from moment to moment, allowing the giving and receiving of love?  photo - Copy

Becoming the peace, begins with the acknowledgement to the intention, of the desire in your life!

1. Acknowledge the “I am” of the day!

Today, I am overwhelmed, hurried and scattered.

It is as simple as that.  Be willing to be honest with your true self.  The “true self” is that place of harmony within our being.  The harmony of mind, body and spirit.  The harmony of feeling, knowing and doing coming from our truth.  

Society may say that the world is moving at a fast pace.  That is okay.  My true self is peace in fast paced world. Acknowledging the “I am” directs my heart to the true self. 

2. Affirm the “I want” of the day!

Today, I am overwhelmed and I want to be peace.

My place to be in this fast pace world, is peace.  When I am out of place, I become rude.  I say things before engaging them into my true heart.  Words become hurtful to self and others.  Affirming the “I want” brings me back to the focus of self worth. I am worthy to be at peace, to be calm, to be love.

3. Set the intention of the “I desire” of the day!

Today, I desire to be in peace of mind, body and spirit; giving and receiving from my true self.  

My true self is the calm of listening.  My true self is the presence of hearing.  When I set my intention to be peace, I become that intention and can then give and receive it.

By setting my intention to be peace in mind, body and spirit, it gives me the action to listen before speaking.  It gives me the calm to hear the words being said, and reflect on the emotions of the individual giving those words.

My words that I give, are now being giving not in an overwhelmed stated, but in a presence of knowing.

My words are now true to my heart, which today is “Peace”.

Moving from overwhelmed to peace, begins with believing and becoming self worth!

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