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MOVE forward or turn back

….as the creature looks behind, the forest is a safe cover.  It holds the light from shining on the truth for all to see, it  protects the creature from the world that is full of hurt and sorrow.  Ahead is the meadow, full of light, full of warmth, but no where to hide.  Does the creature dare to move forward or turn back?  Back is into the protection of the trees, but it is a false safety.  It is a place of alone, a place of no truth.  It is the place of no identity.  Forward into the meadow will reveal the truth of the creature.  The creature’s NAME!  It will shine a light on what is missing, what has been stolen.  To claim what rightfully belongs to the creature, it must move forward into the meadow and continue the quest for the pendart!  As the creature steps into the meadow, the fear and anxiety is overwhelming.  When will it happen?, when will the others know the truth?  When will all turn away from the creature that has lost the most precious part of it?  When will the see: “I AM A BESTAR”. photo (21)

My own journey has taken me into places where I have had to make decisions.  Decisions to MOVE FORWARD OR TURN BACK. Moving forward means the unknown: unknown support, unknown steps, unknown dangers.  Turning back means the known: the known steps that have led to where I am today.  The support I have used to hold myself up, the dangers I have avoided.

So if turning back means that I know and have been living in that world, WHY MOVE FORWARD?

Moving forward is facing the fact that to conquer this quest, to live life well,  I must walk alone and rely on my body, emotions and essence to support me, guide me and protect me.

From the last post you have looked at your boundaries and your red flags.  Have you identified a place in your fence that is weak?  A part of you that has gone missing?  A need to go on a journey to find your truth? Those words of anger may be a sign of missing sleep, or the eating out of stress may be a sign of decreased activity in your day. 

Now is the time to MOVE FORWARD. Rely on your body, emotions and essence to guide you, protect you and support you along the way. The quest to find that which has gone missing will bring you into new light, new relationships, new joy!

Now, a Bestar, is a unique creature, for you see, it shines brightly and guides others.  It gives love,  provides for others a place to rest and it shares the knowledge that it has been given.  To do all this the Bestar has been given a special gift,the KEUTH. The keuth has been stolen and the pendart knows how to get it back.  Into the meadow the Bestar steps, into the unknown it travels for only this journey, this quest will recover the keuth!  MOVE FORWARD into the truth. The Bestar begins to Move forward with a plan, with a goal and with a secret weapon!  




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