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Monthly Affirmations: Focusing on Love

Monthly Affirmations: Focusing on Love

Affirmations are powerful statements that have the ability to change and evolve our thinking — and our lives. For this first month’s affirmations, we’ll start by focusing on love, because who doesn’t want to feel more love enveloping them in everything they do? Love helps fuel our happiness, productivity and so much more. Let’s use the power of affirmations to focus on the love we have in each area of our lives.

Family and Friends

I know for me, my family members are leading members of my support system and cheer me on when things get tough. When you’re facing difficulties, it can be easy to feel alone and forget all the love and support you have surrounding you. Consciously remember that you do have people who love you, want you to spend time with them and love you for you. Here are some affirmations to try:

  • I am loved and supported in everything I do.
  • I am never alone with the love of my family around me.
  • I am peaceful when spending time with those who love me.
  • My friends and family love and accept me just as I am.
  • It’s safe to be who I am and share my feelings when I’m with those who care about me.

Your Children

Monthly Affirmations: Focusing on LoveWhen you’re a busy mom or dad, you’ve got a running to-do list than can sometimes make you feel more scattered than a flock of seagulls running from your toddler on the beach. As rich and fulfilling as life with your children is, it’s OK to acknowledge the tougher side, too. It IS overwhelming and fast paced and messy — and glorious. Relish in the special love you have for your children and the love they have for you, and accept the feelings when life is sometimes chaotic:

  • I parent with love and patience, accepting my children for who they are.
  • I am immensely grateful for the loving experience of parenting my children.
  • It’s OK to feel overwhelmed as a parent, and I accept my feelings and remember the love that surrounds me.
  • I soak in the love from my children and take time to be mindful and together.
  • I demonstrate my love for my children in infinite ways and help them grow confident and strong.

Your Partner

At the center of your life may be a loving partner who supports you and understands you in more intimate ways than any other. All relationships have ups and downs. Understanding this is key to thriving and maintaining a strong, steady, loving relationship through the years — something to relish and show gratitude for each day. Here are some affirmations to remind you of the goodness and help you through tough times:

  • I view my partner with eyes of love, understanding and compassion.
  • Our relationship is becoming stronger, richer and more fulfilling every day.
  • I choose to be happy and grateful and see the blessings in this relationship.
  • My partner and I complement each others’ strengths and rise above our challenges.
  • I choose to make our relationship a priority and focus on the positive life we’re building together.

If you want to put more focus on the love in your life, help it expand or learn more about the power of affirmations, contact me. I’m here to guide you on your path to self-love, happiness and a life of overall wellness.

A nurse for more than 25 years, Karen David is a Certified Wellness Coach and Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist. She brings her passion for well living and calm presence to empower others in health and wellness. Karen is CEO of Live Life Well, LLC.

This article is for informational purposes only. Practices, services or products described are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please speak with a doctor before beginning any new health regimen.

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