Mini Retreats

Mini Retreats
Sometimes you just need to get away to focus on your personal wellness. My mini wellness retreats, are a one day event, offering to you a serene setting and a day of guidance to focus on your wellness journey. This year’s mini-retreats will be held at beautiful Poplar Springs Carriage House. I invite you to join me for 1 or more of this year’s mini-retreats titled: A Year of Being Selfish.

It is time to be “selfish”. This year each of my 4 retreats will have an element of the season and the relationship of this season and you. I want you to experience with me the joy of living each day caring for self, honoring self and being aware of the selflessness of “being selfish”. The retreat will be focused on the discovery of who you are and how this being is your anchor for living well in home, family, work and the community.
Just as in past retreats, you will incorporate times of stillness, guided imagery and meditation as you find your center. You will learn and share in groups the values, practices and barriers on your journey of wellness. You will spend time walking in nature, dining together and sharing in a safe and confidential environment.

I love hosting retreats, because they are times for blissful escape. With the hurried pace of life today, many feel it’s selfish or wrong to indulge in “me” time. My retreats remind you of the glorious health benefits of taking time to slow down, focus on yourself and make wellness a priority. Communing with nature, tuning into the body and taking part in wellness exercises allow you to walk away from retreats refreshed, renewed and ready to face daily challenges. Retreats can help you reignite creativity, reconnect with your true self, recharge your energy and reduce stress.

For more information on upcoming wellness retreats, contact me, and be sure to follow my blog for announcements.

“The wisdom that Karen shared with the group was very helpful to me, as I, and I suspect many others, need to hear similar life stories and tools to help us.” K.

“This mini-retreat was the right event at the right time! I needed to take time for myself to breathe! Very refreshing and relaxing. Karen did a great job.” D.