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Making decisions in wellness: Facilitating Lifestyle Changes!

I sat down 4 years ago and poured my heart out to a beautiful person.  She gave me no prescriptions for medications.  She gave me no lists to complete.  She offered me so much more: her ears to hear, her knowledge to digest what I had to say, her voice as a mirror of my emotions. She gave me a place to open my heart, to hear my voice.

She gave me power!

She heard my pain and offered a mirror to that pain.  Reminding me that holding onto that pain was not helping my life.  It was causing physical health problems, that now needed to be addressed.

She shared her knowledge of how the body, mind and spirit work as one.  That to heal the body, we must sometimes look beyond the physical.

She voiced my hurt in her own words, allowing me to see the pain, acknowledge it and release it.

She gave me power, by asking of my dreams.  She heard those dreams and encouraged me to follow my heart as I had much to give.  She empowered me to be what I am today.  
A FACILITATOR of lifestyle change!karendavid-lg-7 (683x1024)

I FACILITATE by hearing your concerns of wellness issues of losses in your life. I ENCOURAGE you as you discover your pain. It may be a lose of health through a chronic illness.  It may be a loss of purpose through a change in caring for parents, or children.

I FACILITATE by reflecting your questions on wellness issues using my knowledge and studies as a Registered Nurse and Wellness Coach continuing studies in Holistic Wellness and my desire to learn even more, to share that which you seek in know. I EXPLORE with you all that is your desire to learn and use in your wellness journey.

I FACILITATE by mirroring your heart to you through words, as you build your plan to lifestyle changes.  I EMPOWER you to be the goal, to be the plan and to be the destination.

You are the most important part of your lifestyle changes journey.  You invest to change!  You participate with all you are body, mind and spirit.  You make all the DECISIONS.

Make a decision today to BEGIN your wellness journey! Join me for: Workshops: Whole Heart Wellness!

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