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Make it unique: Make it YOU!

Yesterday, I was feeling ill.  I had not felt that way in awhile and it was scary.  I had to assess all the symptoms, check in with my medical team and see if all was okay.  Once I knew it was nothing serious, I needed to reevaluate it. Make it my own!  I know my medical history, my own chronic illnesses.  I understand my stress level and my bodies reaction to the changes of the weather pressures.  What I forgot, was to be mindful and take care of myself.  I needed time to come back to center: Bringing my life back to me: Make it unique: Make it Mine!  Today, is that day! It is the day, I take time and refocus the who, what, where, why and how to Make it unique: Make it Mine!  DSC_0141

I hope you will join me in this day to rediscover you!

Make it unique: Make it you!

1. Know yourself: know your medical history, your aches, pains, fears and desires (see your health care provider and research to know more about how your body works).

2. Reestablish your boundaries for wellness: your physical self, your time, your words and your distance (list what each looks like to you and what it is protecting)

3. Create a plan to take care of you: eating well to nourish, moving all day to strengthen, stretch and stabilize, communicate truth with self and others: (plan your daily food intake, move every hour, speak and listen from the whole self)

You are unique, Live Life Well!

Want to know more join me: Life Life Well, LLC Celebrating Purposeful Living-Striving Toward a Healthier YOU!

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