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Listen to your body and hear your soul!

Today, my day started with quiet!  Not a good thing!

Why? Should I not be excited about a quiet morning, a day of rest?

No, it was quiet, because I ate ice cream with hot fudge last night, at 9pm!

That sounds wonderful!

Nope, I knew that I should not have the rich, fatty food so late in my day.  I knew that I would not have a comfortable, normal morning, but I ate it anyway.

Why? Because, I did not listen to my body!  I did not listen to my gut and my heart telling me to just say “no”.  I listened only to my head that said: “Cool refreshing ice cream and yummy chocolate”.

So, this morning, instead of getting up and walking with my friends, I was slow in moving, and uncomfortable as my stomach continued to digest the remains of my addiction.

Even the dogs were quiet.  They felt the need to be still!   photo

The human body is a wonder!  Science has explored it from a whole unit to cell and beyond.  But, yet it continues to amaze all who explore it.

When one listen to the body, one hears the soul!  The very essence of the being.  

The body will lean toward what is well and lean  away from what is harmful.

It will guide toward connections of strength and turn away from traps of negative.

The body will seek joy and back away from pain.

Listen to the body for the wellness, the strength and the joy!  Hear the soul as it warns of harm, traps and pain.  

Open the mind, heart and gut and hear the soul!


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  1. interesting post: Greta left peanut butter chocolate ice cream here the other night and I HAD A BOWL last night.. However, my body was happy with the input (as the bowl was small in fact only a cup).

    See– moderation.. that’s what you taught me – so didn’t deny myself the luxury but did reduce the amount.

    Though walking this morning was not an option for me either. I chose to stay on my checklist at the office so that I can PLAY tomorrow when family arrives!

    Happy 4th my friend– I appreciate all of your kind words and wisdom of wellness you share with me.