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Letting Go of Our Leaves!

wed morningAutumn is my favorite season of the year! The air is cooler, the sky is bluer and the trees are changing color too. It is a time of letting go of the busyness of summer. I know, summer is relaxing! NOT!. It is a time of feeling overwhelmed with work, kids, vacation, and expectations of what should, could be done.

No, give me Autumn and let go!

Let go of all that has be holding you down all summer.

When one holds onto the should haves/could haves of life, the heart begins to become heavy. The body follows along, in moving less because it does not know what is real and what is a should of/could of. The weight begins to add on in pounds showing up on the scale as food becomes the release for the should of/could of.

Are you ready to let go of the should of/could of of your life?

Find a quiet place and just think of all that you put on yourself this summer. The plans for change, the time commitments, the needs of others. Are they you? Do these plans, commitments, and needs define who you are or what you wish you could be? Are they goals to achieve or burdens to hold you down and heavy?

When you are comfortable releasing these burdens, write them down on paper, and burn the paper. Do this with a friend or special someone who will understand your need to let go. Express your fears of release, your pain of disappointing and your anger of defeat.

Now, celebrate your release of the should of/could of that has been adding weight to your body, mind and spirit and live in joy, love and peace of each day living life well.

When you experience a should of/could of in your life; asking you to plan for change, for a time commitment or a need from others, take a moment and explore it! Is it a burden or a goal?

If it is a goal, live it well; if is it a burden, let it go: like the tree releasing its leaves!

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