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Just someone to hear me

This is an answer I received when asking a client, “why are you looking for a personal wellness coach?”. Just someone to hear me. This client had the right answer!

I believe that inside of each of us is the answer to our wellness. I know individuals that are healthy, eat the right foods, exercise daily, have a loving family, but they are unwell. The focus of their lives is not holistic, or connective. Their focus may strive around being fit, but forget about being kind. The focus may be a straight line of charity work, and volunteering, but they have forgotten about loving self with rest and respect.

Whether a client’s goal is mind, body or spirit oriented, working with a personal wellness coach is all about, hearing the client, seeing the client, acknowledging the client and encouraging the client to move forward in their lives.

So, my next question to this client is “How do you see wellness?”. 0924121134-01

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