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Jumping off the spiral!

Graduation! A transition in life.

This is graduation month, for graduates of college, high school. It is the time that eighth graders and fifth graders see themselves promoting to a new school.  It is the time for the  preschool graduations.  All are in transition to the next phase in life.  Life is filled with transitions and each transition is filled with emotions.  

These emotions may be joy and pride for all that has been accomplished.  Sorrow and pain for the letting go of friends and places of security.  Fear and anticipation for what is to come.

Each transition in life brings about a time to reflect, release and move forward with emotion.  

It is when the body, mind or spirit refuses to reflect, release and move forward that one finds themselves on a spiral in the mist of the transition. IMG_0192

In my own life this spiral became evident in a physical condition of pain. Through many medical tests and procedures, I was given a diagnosis and a plan of treatment. It seemed to work for awhile, but then the cycle of symptoms began again.  I was in a transitional state in my life to move forward, to move in a new direction and I was stuck in the spiral.  

My spiral contained all the emotions related to transition.  But, I was not willing to reflect, release and move forward with these emotions and those of my past.  I held on to these feelings like they were a crutch, or a bandage to cover my true self from being real.

One day, with the help of a supportive community, I jumped off the spiral. I learned to hear my true self, my true heart.   It was telling me, “I am who I am”, not because of my past, or future, but because of my present day.  

I became healthier in my eating and movement.  I became more aware of my surroundings and my need for rest and community.  I became more involved in my life as I found myself with more time to give to my family and my hobbies of interest.

I learned to hear and feel what my heart needed for it to be physically, mentally, and emotionally well.

When the heart is well, the body is well as a whole. 

Is your heart talking to you’ telling you “to jump off the spiral and into a transition of  life”?  

Your spiral may be a chronic illness that never seems to be controlled.  It may be never finding time to accomplish tasks.  You may find that you keep moving from one job, assignment or group to another without a break.  It may be the unknown of what to do next, as your kids leave home.  

Take time today to really look at your life.  Are you in a transition of job, school, health?  Have you taken time to reflect, release and allow yourself to be true to your whole heart?

Are your ready to look into your heart: your physical wellness, your emotional wellness and your communal wellness?  

At Live Life Well, you will discover the tools to look into your Whole Heart Wellness and take that JUMP OFF THE SPIRAL!

Your heart is calling you to wellness.  Move forward and congratulations on your transition into living well!


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