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In a cloud!

The light is dim, the world is fuzzy, I sit in a cloud. The fog plays tricks with my vision. Is that a deer in the field or a shadow of a tree? Will it dart out in front of the car, or stay to the field?

Many times our lives feel like we are in a cloud. Fuzzy, no focus! We feel slow and sluggish, always on the look out for the unknown. Stressed!

But what is really in the cloud?: time to rest, a new path to discover, a new passion to develop.
Let go of the control to see clear and be in the cloud! Live in the cloud: slow down your thoughts, your actions and see what the cloud is revealing to you. Listen to the sounds in the cloud whispering all that is present in your life. As the cloud begins to lift, begin to see your life expanding in new directions of joy.

If you want more information on letting go, calming and balancing your whole self, contact me, Karen David, RN .

Today, I will honor the cloud of my life, taking time to let the clouds linger and lift!

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