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How is your inspection this year!?!

Once a year, we take our cars into the mechanic for a state inspection. A bumper to bumper check list to make sure it is all working properly. 113
My car is due this month and it got me thinking, when was the last time I gave myself an inspection?

Oh, I have been to my doctor for a physical and that is part of it, but what about all the other parts of a true holistic inspection.

What about my mind? Do I give it exercises to do, like doing puzzles, sharing memories, planning events. How is it working with these exercises? Where do I need to focus more time?

What about my body? Do I keep it moving? What parts are sore, tight, tired? Am I nourishing it with kindness, acceptance and forgiveness?

What about my spirit? Am I sharing my love and talents given to me? Am I respecting my beliefs and those of others? Am I being responsible for my thoughts and actions? Am I giving myself time to learn the true me, with quiet time?

These are just a few questions to look at when inspecting our true selves; in mind, body and spirit!

How is your inspection this year!?!

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