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Holistic Nourishment: part 1

Part 1!  Really!  It is time to EXPLORE!

Holistic is body, mind and spirit, and today I am only going to focus on exploring Holistic Nourishment of what we ingest.   Everything ingested in the form of food or drink is going to go through the digestion process.  Good or bad!


It is time to know your food and drink!  What is it? How is it made? What has been added to it?  

It is time to know your habits!  Ask yourself: What do I eat and drink? Why do I eat and drink? What are my needs when I eat and drink?  

Holistic Nourishment is about exploring what you are ingesting, understanding your body, mind and spirits reaction to food and drink, acknowledging your true self now with respect and responsibility toward making well choices for you!

These are my 7 rules for nourishment! Explore them, research them, send me questions on them.  

1. Eat seasonally!  For fresh fruits and vegetables, eat what is in season for your area.  If you want something that is out of season for your area, go frozen food.

2. Everyone needs a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates!  The body has a need for each.  Everyone is unique and will need a different balance, find yours!  How do you feel when you eat too much or too little of protein, carbohydrates or fats?  Explore your balance.

3. Drink water!  Drink it hot, cold, with fruit, with veggies!  

4. Balance your caffeine!  What makes you feel well? 

5. Decrease the additives of salt, sugar and others!  Take time to read the labels. What is in your food? 

6. Remove the artificial and chemicals!  Our bodies do not need proteins, fats and sugars that have be chemically altered or are artificial.

7. Understand Supplements!  There are many: vitamins, minerals, natural, herbal, super foods etc.  Start exploring  them!  REMEMBER: THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL OR PLANT OR POTION!  

Take time today in your Journey into Wellness to explore how you nourish your body!


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