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Holistic Maintenance on the Journey

Yesterday I felt overwhelmed!  Monday morning, looking at all that had not gotten done on the weekend.  Looking at all that had to be done  for the week.

I knew I needed some holistic maintenance!

Last week, I focused on nourishing the body, mind and spirit.  Giving to myself through my senses, all that will move me into wellness.

But for that nourishing wellness to take place I need to maintain body, mind and spirit as well. Doing all I can to put my body, mind and spirits in a well place to receive the nourishment. DSC_0417

I need to move my body.  Keep the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, etc in working order by getting up and moving throughout the day. I will take a walk, go to the gym, stretch in the morning, and play with the dogs.

I need to un-clutter my mind. My mind needs the space to focus on the task at hand, without the distractions of unnecessary chores.  I will remove clutter from my living environment, by removing that which no longer serves a purpose for me in body, mind or spirit, giving my mind a cleared area to be in focus.

I need to renew my spirit. Release the feeling of being overwhelmed by letting go of that which I ought to do and focus on what I am doing.  I will give myself time to be still, enjoy the space around me and feel the energy of all living things and knowing that I am apart of a greater world then I can see.

Holistic Maintenance is a part of my journey into wellness. It takes me from the “I need” to the “I will” LIVE LIFE WELL!

Take time today in your journey to go from “I need” to “I will”!


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