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“Holding onto the crap!”

Are you slow and feeling bloated? Do you feel that your feet are dragging the ground? Do you wish you just had the energy to get through the day? If only we had a simple solution for this feeling I call “holding onto the crap!”
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We all do it. We are told we are lazy, no good, wrong, etc and we hold those words in our mind, body and spirit. We feed off of them. Maybe we had an experience when we did wrong, or failed to complete a task. Again, we hold this memory in our mind, body and spirit. We believe it is true, we fight to overcome it but continue to hold it for the energy it gives. Or, we gave our hearts to someone who did not give to us but took from us our pride, our joy, our trust. We believe we did wrong, “if only I did or said or changed, they would have loved me”!

Negative words, negative memories, false love; it is time to let go of the crap!

It is time to be open to ourselves and others that we are holding onto things and are ready to let them go. Spend some time to journal about your “crap”, write it down, say it out loud to a partner in love and then let go. Need something visual to release: burn it, shred it, drown it in water. Stop HOLDING IT!

Each day, fill that area that is now empty with love of self, love of others and love of universal spirit, by giving yourself a gift of time to be still, by sharing your story with others and by serving those in need.

Today, I will honor my heart, by letting go of the “crap” I am holding and begin to fill my life with living well.

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