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Giving you: “Word Vomit”

Stuck, stuck, stuck.  How do I begin to write what is in my head today.  My head is full of confusion, thoughts, streams of words.  But it all is stuck in there, not wanting to be organized.   I guess I am going to give you what I call “word vomit” today!  Not a good pictures to see, but very accurate in reality.

This week has been a good example of what my journey into wellness will be like.  Monday was such a productive day.  I accomplished many things on my list at work and at home.  I began to journey with you in focusing on the breath.  I took time every hour to breathe.  Tuesday was the same.  It provided me time to hear each of you and reflect on the needs of our journey together.  Wednesday provided time to listen to others and provide encouragement on the journey of wellness.  Thursday, nothing!  It dragged by.  It was unproductive.  It was long.  It was tiring.  I really felt done.


So, I took a walk with friends!  What a joy it was to change the plans of the day.  To take an hour out of my day and just be with others, not wanting or needing anything from them or them wanting or needing anything from me.

Oh, do not fret, the rest of Thursday was just as it began, tiring!

Today, take time to reflect on your week.  Be honest with yourself.  Respect yourself and your choices you made this week.

There is no right, there is no wrong, their is only reflection of where you have been, acceptance of where you are now and acknowledgement of where you would like to be.  

So, I hope you have endured the “word vomit” because it finally came out of me, and now I know what it was trying to say through my heart: REFLECTION, ACCEPTANCE, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT!

This is your journey, live it well!

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