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Get What You Want: The Law of Attraction

Law of AttractionYou may have heard of The Law of Attraction — it seems to be popping up in books and movies all around us. But just what is this law? In its simplest form, The Law of Attraction means that “like attracts like.” In other words, we have the ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on. Essentially, we are responsible for bringing positivity AND negativity into our lives.

Now this doesn’t mean if I think about an ice cream cone that it will pop into my hands like something out of an “I Dream of Jeannie” episode (thank goodness). But it does mean our thoughts are powerful! What we focus our mind on, we can create in our lives. Think of yourself as a magnet moving through life, every moment of the day attracting more of what you put out into the universe.

Using The Law of Attraction in Your Life

So how can you harness the power of The Law of Attraction? I’ve got five ideas for you to play with right here:

  1. Visualize it. If you can see it in your mind you can create it. Spend a few minutes a day creating pictures in your mind of the way you want your life to look. Feel the emotions. Make your visualization as vivid as you can and experience the emotions attached to it.
  2. Journal about your future. Start by imagining the things you want in life. What would fulfill you? What would bring you the greatest joy? Then begin writing. Write about your life as if all the wonderful things have already become reality. If you’d like to start your own business, you might write, “I find my career so fulfilling and enjoy working with my many clients every day.” Or if you want to lose weight, write about your new-found confidence, describe your wardrobe, focus on your emotions. The secret is being detailed.
  3. Search for silver linings. This one is simple: focus on the positive. Even in the darkest situations, find that silver lining and cling to it. The more you pay attention to the positive things in life, the more they multiply. Go find those silver linings and watch them grow!
  4. Embrace affirmations. Affirmations are a great way to keep your mind focused on good things. Write out a few that support your goals and post them in places you see throughout the day. Write, “Today is going to be a great day,” on a notecard next to your bed and read it aloud each morning. Or stick positive body image affirmations in your lunch box. Read them and repeat them often to magically change your mindset.
  5. Focus on what you DO want. Don’t think about what you don’t want. For example, when writing your affirmations, don’t say, “I no longer want to be overweight.” Instead, flip it around and say, “I love my healthier, thinner figure.” Do you see the difference? In the first one, you’re still focusing on being overweight. In the second, the focus is on being healthier and thinner.

Use the power of The Law of Attraction in your life. Tune in to your thoughts, take control and create the life you’ve imagined.

If you’d like to learn more about The Law of Attractions, positive thinking or any of the life-changing techniques mentioned above, contact me, Karen David, for a coaching session. I’d love to help you bring about the changes you seek.

A nurse for more than 25 years, Karen David is a Certified Wellness Coach and Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist. She brings her passion for well living and calm presence to empower others in health and wellness. Karen is CEO of Live Life Well, LLC.

This article is for informational purposes only. Practices, services or products described are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please speak with a doctor before beginning any new health regimen.


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