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Friends: They always ask the tough questions

Every morning, delete that, most mornings I walk with a group of friends. Now, these ladies and I began walking/talking over a year ago and through this time we have shared happy, sad, good and bad. Nothing is off limits, every opinion matters and most of the world problems have been solved in our time together!

But, yesterday they throw out the most difficult question to me, to date. What is a Wellness Coach?

What?, well it is…… I am lost for words, I know what I do, I know my goals but how do I put into words that which is me. That is it. How do I describe me? What if I do not meet the criteria I set for myself in my definition of a wellness coach? So, as a good friend and walker, I quickly change the topic and push the question back somewhere to dig out later.

Here I am, I have dug it out again. What is a Wellness Coach?

A wellness coach is an individual who is an advocate for wellness to individual clients. A wellness coach explores with each client their present wellness in body, mind and spirit. During the time of exploration, a wellness coach guides the individual in developing wellness goals. Once goals are established the wellness coach encourages the client to live each day focusing on their goals, and to examine barriers to these goals. Finally, a wellness coach empowers each individual to continue to live following their own path to wellness.

Who am I? I am your sounding board in your journey of living life well!Karen David

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  1. Karen, as one of your “fellow-morning-walkers”, I have to say that you have undeniably changed my life and “wellness-course’ forever.

    It is a pleasure to know you and have you as my “sounding board”.

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