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Fred gets a belly rub!

I have three dogs. Duke, the old grumpy dog. Daisy, the I can not stop moving, part hound, part border collie. Fred, the hound puppy, litter mate of Daisy, born an old dog. Fred, loves to play ball, take naps and eat. But, every now and then he just wants a belly rub! He needs connection to others. He is a part of my puzzle of the world.
We all have a need to be connected to each other and to the world surrounding us.

Take time today to feel that connection. Go outside and walk in the sun or rain or wind, feeling the energy it is giving. Tell a friend, or stranger hello and shake their hand. Hug your friends and family.

Love life and get a belly rub from the world!

Today, I will honor my heart by connecting myself to all that is a part of me in the world.

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