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Finding Yourself Through Silence

Finding Yourself Through Silence

Stop for a moment. Don’t make a sound.

When was the last time you sat and soaked in a few moments of silence? Time without Netflix, Hulu or Apple music playing in the background. Time away from family and friends and the notifications from your smartphone.

At the pace most of us live our lives, I’d venture to say that it’s been a while since you could call silence a friend — or even an acquaintance. It’s time to reunite with the power of silence. In silence, there are answers.

The Power of Silence

Opting for regular moments of silence can actually have great health benefits.

  • Silence institutes a feeling of calm that actually slows the pulse and quiets the heart.
  • Practicing time for silence can increase your self-awareness. Shut out the rest of the world every now and then, and focus on yourself. You’re worth it!
  • Silence can help restore balance and harmony.
  • Observing times of silence allows us to recharge and reconnect with our wishes and dreams. Get lost in your thoughts for a bit.
  • Temporarily blocking out the sounds of our lives gives us time to focus on our own internal emotions without the clutter of the outside world.

How to Add the Power of Silence to Your Life

Finding Yourself Through SilenceFinding silence in each day sounds simple. But when you factor in your to-do list, family time, time for exercise, cooking dinner, and on and on, it can be pretty tough. Sometimes it’s necessary to schedule time. Yes, put “Silence” on your calendar. Here are some ways to practice and bring the peaceful benefits of silence into your life.

  • Get up early. Set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier and drink your coffee in peace before everyone else gets up. The peacefulness of a quiet home early in the morning can be a highly rejuvenating way to begin each day.
  • Be with nature. Whether it’s a silent walk in fresh fallen snow, a meditation session on the beach or time alone in a flower garden, nature is restorative. Reap the most benefits from your silent time by absorbing the benefits that nature offers, too.
  • Focus on your breath. The simplest of practices is taking a few moments to breathe. Find a place without noise, and focus on deep breathing for five or more minutes. The oxygen will rejuvenate your body, and the stillness and moments of mindfulness will restore peace.
  • Meditation. A meditation practice is a wonderful way to institute periods of silence. Meditation is healing, calming and restorative. Start with just a few minutes a day, and build up. And remember, meditation doesn’t have to be complicated.

For more ways to find silence and peace in your life, contact me. Together we will create a plan to help you reach your goals and lead your best life.


A nurse for more than 25 years, Karen David is a Certified Wellness Coach, Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and board certified Focused Awareness Meditation Specialist. She brings her passion for well living and calm presence to empower others in health and wellness. Karen is CEO of Live Life Well, LLC.

This article is for informational purposes only. Practices, services or products described are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please speak with a doctor before beginning any new health regimen.


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