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Finding the “heart of wellness” in the “I want”!

Look in any store magazine rack or on face book or twitter, etc and one will see all the truth about what someone needs!

“Eat this food”,”take this pill” or “do this exercise” and one will be happier, healthier, fit.”  

Now, I am not saying that these products will not help, but I am saying sometimes one needs to stop and ask: “What do I want?”.

Wellness is all about what “I Want!”.  I want to eat the right foods. I want to do the right movements.  I want to stretch the right way.  I want to give my body sleep.  It goes on and on and on.

So, how do I really know what I want?  Wellness all starts from within, looking at the heart of wellness.

When I was diagnosed with a chronic condition, called gastroparesis, I had to make some changes in my lifestyle.  I needed to refocus my thinking and work toward my individual wellness goals.  photo (32)

My first goal was: I want to be well!  Well, that is pretty obvious and vague!

So, I pushed a little deeper into myself, focusing on the holistic approach to wellness and came up with three goals based on my physical self, mental self and emotional self.  

1.Physical Goal:  I want to decrease pain.  Gastroparesis was causing me to have severe heartburn pain, which led to shortness of breath and fatigue.

2.Mental Goal:   I want to be confident in my food choices.  I needed to change the foods I was eating as well as the portion size and the frequency of meals.

3. Emotional Goal:  I want a pleasant relationship with food.  I found myself fearing to eat or be in a situation where the stress of symptoms controlled my life.

I found that my wellness goals became the starting point to living my life well.  Through exploring and increasing my knowledge on food, as well as receiving encouragement from others, I became empowered to make choices in my life to fulfill my goals.

My wellness business was born out of this transformation that I experienced.  By taking my own process, and connecting it with my education and training as a nurse and wellness coach, I am able to offer my clients a Partnership to Be Well, as they work toward their personal holistic wellness goals. 

Live well!



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