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Do you ever do something just because it is fun? Hike, walk, read a book, watch a movie, paint, knit are my ways to just play. When I play, something beautiful happens, I find me!

Each time I begin to play, the little voice inside of me begins to send messages from stop wasting time, to compete, be the best, you are going to fail.

Until I finally dicover: I am calm, questions and struggles are released. My energy is renewed, as I let myself play without demands of time, and competition with myself and others.

Here is a little play time for me and my pups!

Today, I will honor my heart and release my mind to find my true self in play.

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  1. Gail

    We all need to remember to play. As adults, we forget or don’t allow ourselves time to”play”. I, too, know that little voice that says “Hey, wait! You have too much to do!” but have learned over the years to let it go. Work will be there tomorrow.

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