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Faith in self to take a step

Do you remember learning how to walk? Not really!  You may have seen videos or pictures of your first steps.  You have heard stories of your first steps, but you do not remember learning.  You may have had an easy time of it and or a more difficult experience with falls, bumps and bruise.  But, you did learn to walk. 


Today, when you begin to walk down the hall, or across the room you do not stop to think, “now how do I do this?”.  

No,you do not worry, “will my legs work, with the floor move?”!

You do not picture yourself struggling or giving  up.  

You have faith in self to take a step and know that you will accomplish that task of walking.

Today, when you are approaching a new task, a new frame of mind, a new idea believe in yourself and have faith in your journey, just as you do when you begin to take the step to walk!

You may find, this new event as a straight and easy road or one that gives you bumps and bruises, but on the journey this new event will too become a part of your faith in self.


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