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Embrace the unknown

Is it the ending or the beginning of something that makes it unknown?  

When we begin a new task there are many unknown factors.  The when, the where, the hows all cause us to stop and question.  “Can I do this?”  

But, is it not the same as when we finish a task? We look to see where we are and see the unknown.   We see what is behind us and all that has been accomplished, and all that has failed and the unknown hits us.  The “now what”  and the “can I”, become the questions that haunt our minds. 


It is these very questions that stir our hearts.  We are not our past, but we learn from that past.  We are not our future, but we live in wonder of what is to be.    

Our past and our future are parts of the whole, it is in the discovery of our true self, that we see the “now”, that completes the whole person and guides us in embracing the unknown. 075

Our heart is our “true self”.  It is the final piece in the “whole person”.  Our heart center is the place of the “I am”, “I feel”, “I will”.

Embracing the unknown becomes a part of our daily life as we become more aware of our heart center, through discovering the physical, mental and spiritual needs in whole heart wellness.  

We discover the physical needs through nourishing and movement.

We discover the mental needs through restoring.

We discover the spiritual needs through connections and giving.

Today, embrace the unknown through the discovery of living life well, completing the whole you. 



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