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Come take a walk with me!

A walking meditation gives you connection to self and all that is around you.

A walking meditation grounds you in centering your body, mind and spirit.

A walking meditation brings focus back to the heart center!

Come take a walk with me. whole heart wellness 1

Give your self 10 to 15 minutes to walk, outside is best. Leave your phones and other electronics behind.

 Begin to walk at a casual pace.

Focus on your breath: out and in a normal rate.

Now bring your focus to what you see.  See it for what is it, no judging.  See the color, the texture, the dimensions of the space around you.

Now focus on what your hear.  Hear all that is of nature and of man.  Hear it with your ears, and with your heart, non-judging.

Now follow this  by what you smell, then what you feel on your skin.  

Each time you switch your focus, bring it to your mind and heart to be objective  to what you are observing with your senses as well as the emotions that it brings.

 Finally, bring your awareness of what is around you into your heart.  Know it for what it is, pleasant or unpleasant to the senses.  Acknowledge it and your connection to it.  Acknowledge and respect your responsibility to self and all that is around you.  

As you end your walking meditation, take a moment to honor your heart with love, for taking the time to be in connection with all that you experienced on this journey into whole heart wellness!

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