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Cleaning house!

This week I am opening my home to a group of friends that I knit with on a weekly basis.  It is our annual Christmas gathering!  I am so excited to have offered my home for this event, as it made me clean!  Really clean!  I took rooms apart, cleared out the clutter, threw out the trash and made each space mine!  Hard work?, tiring? yes! But it makes me happy!

I found love in working hard, seeing each room of the house as a purposeful place designed to allow me to express myself without doubts of who I am.   I found peace in clearing out and throwing away items that no longer served a purpose in my life.  I found joy in redesigning each room to surround myself with what makes me smile!

I want to take this experience and make it my gift to you for the coming year!  No, I am not going to clean your house for you.

I am offering a celebration of living a productive life, moving toward a healthier you!photo

2015 is MY year!  Mindfully You!  

Mindfully You! is bringing your true self into focus.  Just as I took each room apart, cleared out the clutter and discovered the purpose of that room, I want to give you the opportunity to take yourself apart, clear out what no longer serves you and discover your purpose.  

I had the opportunity to take apart my own self over the last 6 years!  I had a new medical diagnosis of gastroparesis.  I had to take it apart, using my nursing education and ability to research.  I discovered not only the medical causes but also the way stress and  daily living habits were playing into the symptoms of my diagnosis.  This knowledge gave me choices, on how to live.

But to live, I needed to release the clutter that I had allowed to accumulate in my life.  I forgave myself for the past mistakes I had made in my life.  I let go of relationships in my life that caused me pain and hurt.  I gave myself peace by honoring who I really am.

And, from this peace, just as I did each room in my house, I found my purpose.

I became mindful of what I call my BEE. My BODY, my EMOTIONS, and my ESSENCE.  

I took this journey of finding my purpose to the next level when I launched my business Live Life Well, L.L.C. in 2013.  Over the past 20 months, I have discovered ultimate joy: watching others Clean house, in their own selves.

I encourage you to begin planning your “2015 Mindfully You year”.  Sign up today for a free phone consult, by clicking on contacts at the top of this page, and telling me more about your desire to celebrate a productive life, moving toward a healthier you!


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