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Cardinals, Dogs, and Sunflower seeds!

I grow sunflowers in the summer and as they begin to wither, I prepare to collect the seeds.  I give these seeds as gifts, save some for next spring’s planting and save others to feed the birds in the winter.

Before our last big snow, I threw out some dry sunflower heads of seeds to feed the birds.  The local cardinals, especially love it!

Today, it is cold and sunny, no snow in sight, yet the cardinals are talking to me!  Why?  Because my dogs have removed the sunflower seed heads into the yard.  Yes, I do not have problems with squirrels, I have problems with dogs, who think they are squirrels!  

Seeds are scattered along the deck and into the grass.  They have fallen through the planks of the deck to the mud underneath.  

I wander what summer will bring, as these seeds begin to sprout and grow through the spring!photo (3)

Take a look and ask yourself:  How am I living today!?!

Are you the cardinal that is annoyed that life has moved that which you seek? Complaining to anyone and everyone.

Are you the dog that attempts to be what he is not?  Taking that which is not yours, trying to use and digest that which is not your true self.  Living a false life.

Are you the sunflower seeds, living through life? Knowing that you are moving on your path and will grow and give where ever life takes you.

Bring back to your life love: acknowledge the cardinal in you and begin to look beyond that which you can not find, to what is in your path today.

Bring back to your life peace: acknowledge the dog in you and believe in the person that you are today. 

Bring back to your life joy: embrace the seed that is growing in you and become what blooms, dies and grows again. 

Live well!




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