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Big dreams start with small steps!

Big dreams are the beginning of change. Whether it is to find a cure for disease, save the planet, or see your grandchildren at their wedding.

Have you ever vocalized a dream to a friend, spouse, or maybe even to yourself, and realized that you just took the first small step by making that dream real. You gave it a voice. Oh, no! PANIC PANIC PANIC!

Now that I have given my dream a voice, what do I do? How do I start?

One thing that all big dreams has in common is small steps. Defining the goals, planning, implementing, evaluating, revising are all steps. These steps are easy, identifiable, one leading to the next.

STOP, rewind! These steps ARE NOT easy, or identifiable or in a path. Each step is unique, just as each person is unique.

Personal Wellness Coaching at Live Life Well is about sharing the journey of discovery, encouraging through the steps and missteps, and celebrating the joys of Living Life Well on the path to big dreams.

My personal big dream is this company, Live Life Well, LLC. The journey started when I vocalized the dream of believing that each person knows the answer to wellness, and all it takes is a person willing to listen to them. From this belief, I began to discover my own wellness. I had to dig deep and expose the pain, joys, frustrations and fears of my true self. I had to encourage myself that living well, in joy may not be “easy” but it is my true self. I continue to be empowered to look at each day with anticipation for life, knowing that “road blocks” will always be present, and that I am able to be well.

Maybe it is time to voice your dream. Is it saving the world, or finding joy in life. Is it feeding the hungry, or learning to be well by eating well, moving more and finding peace in your day. These are all important big dreams.

Take a look at “” title=”Team Green World”> a client and other individuals with a big dream, experiencing the joy of living, confronting the barriers of life, taking it one small step at a time.

No dream is too big or too small to be a “Big Dream”, all it needs is you to give it a voice!lavendar and butterfly

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